Safety of Temporary Orthotic Use in Preventing Complications and Further Injury in the Diabetic Patient

Publication from Sage Journal

Study conducted by; Dr Gianmario Baludzzi, Dr Roberto de Giglio, Dr Benedetta Masserini, Dr Ilaria Formenti, Dr Sara Lodigiani, Dr Teresa Mondello, Dr Nicola Mumoli, Dr Basilo Pintudi Giacoma.

Chopart amputation is a surgical procedure that may become necessary in the event of serious diabetes-related foot complications. However, one of the main obstacles for patients undergoing this operation is the restoration of mobility.

Fortunately, temporary orthoses such as the Body Armor Proterm are now available that offer patients a greater degree of mobility than currently used systems. This innovative solution provides support and stability to the foot during the post-operative recovery phase.

In addition to the effectiveness of the temporary orthosis compared to traditional treatment, the study also considered other important aspects such as the safety of the device itself and the level of patient acceptance.

The sample of subjects treated with the device was compared with consecutive patients and it was found that patients could expect a higher remission rate and a faster wound healing time.

In conclusion, the availability of devices such as the Body Armor Proterm represents a major step forward in the management of diabetes-related foot complications and in ensuring better mobility for patients undergoing Chopart surgery.