Comparison study between TCC and devices: which is more effective in managing DFU?

Publication from FOOT & ANKLE

Study conducted by: Dr Alberto Piaggesi, Dr Elisabetta Iacopi, Dr Chiara Goretti, Dr Giacomo Clerici, Dr Fabio Romagnoli, Dr Fabrizia Toscanella and Dr Cristiana Vermigli.

The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of Total Contact Cast (TCC) with devices.

To conduct this research, 60 patients with DFU were prospectively selected. These patients were randomly assigned to three different discharge modalities: group A used TCC, while group B and C used a brace, respectively.

The results obtained from this study provide a clear insight into the effectiveness of the different discharge methods used in the treatment of DFUs. The devices were most effective and safe in neuropathic unloading, regardless of removability.