Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Optima Diab in healing diabetic plantar lesions.

Publication from DIABET CARE

The efficacy of Optima Diab in healing grade IA and IIA diabetic plantar lesions has been demonstrated in scientific studies conducted by; Dr. Alberto Piaggesi, Dr. Silvia Macchiarini, Dr. Loredana Rizzo, Dr. Francesca Palumbo, Dr. Anna Tedeschi, Dr. Laura Ambrosini Nobili, Dr. Elisa Leporati, Dr. Vincenzo Scire, Dr. Ilaria Teobaldi and Dr. Stefano del Prato.

Studies conducted on a significant sample of 40 diabetic outpatients confirmed the effectiveness of this device in promoting the healing of grade IA and IIA diabetic plantar lesions. The device immediately distinguished itself from Total Contact Cast (TCC) in terms of cost, applicability and patient satisfaction, proving to be more cost-effective and competitive.

In conclusion, scientific studies have shown that the Optima Diab is a safe and effective device for the treatment of diabetes. Despite its lower cost compared to the TCC, the Optima Dial walker offers better applicability and could be a valuable aid in spreading the practice of offloading among centres specialising in the management of the diabetic foot.