Pre- and post-operative treatment of lower limbs, compound fractures, rehabilitation, stabilization.
In the “downloadable material” section below you will find the technical data sheet, the user manual and the algorithm.

Components prepared directly adaptable to the patient.
High thermo-moldable heel counter, breathable and washable upper.
Adjustable structure with velcro closures. Large openings to allow inspection and ventilation.
Rigid anti-flexion and anti-torsion insole.
Stable bottom for movement control and pressure load redistribution.

OPTIMA GROUND does not require a specific contralateral compensation lift, but is compatible with any model of the YDA and MAC lines.

Compound fracture of the metatarsals; post-amputation rehabilitation of the fingers; pre-surgical stabilization; finger fracture; finger surgery.
Use is permitted in cases of: bandaged, edematous, swollen, sensitive feet.

To clean the product, use lukewarm or cold water, clean with neutral soap and rinse once the operation is completed.

Avoid any aggressive liquid such as alcohol, laundry detergents, bleach, ammonia, solvents. Avoid using abrasive materials such as brushes, steel wool, glass paper and knife blades to remove stains.

The company Optima Molliter S.r.l is not responsible for damage caused by abrasive products that attack materials from direct exposure to heat sources;

Tutorial created in collaboration with Doctor Gabriele Montini.