Proventive shoe with semi-rigid propulsive sole that redistributes plantar pressure loads.
In the “downloadable material” section below you will find the collection, the technical data, the algorithm and the user manual.

The Cairn C20 sneaker features an upper made of technical fabric, a removable internal insole and an easy lace opening.

• Heel height 140 mm
• Removable EVA footbed
• Early rolling point
• Stabilizing and padded heel counter
• SPRING SYSTEM® bottom for propulsive performance
• Midsole with biogelly shock absorbing system
• Semi-rigid ROCKER® sole

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With medical indication, YDA can be used for the following therapeutic uses:

• Management of forefoot pain
• Biomechanical problems of movement
• Management of rehabilitation phases after surgery such as hallux valgus and hammer toes
• Diabetic foot not at risk (risk 1 only if used in association with a custom-made insole made by a qualified healthcare professional)
• Management of rehabilitation phases after surgery such as hallux valgus and hammer toes
• Metatarsalgia and Polyarthritis, Morton’s neuroma and Osteoarthritis.

Yda is a first class medical device with CE marking.

Please carefully consult our size guide before proceeding with the prescription of our products.

Cleaning the product must be carried out as described:

The footwear must absolutely NOT be washed by immersion, under a jet of water or in the washing machine.
For the technical fabric upper, use a cloth slightly dampened with water and neutral soap, rub gently and leave to dry;
For leather uppers, use specific creams (moisturizing-polishing) specific for the type of leather to be treated and approved by the EEC,  spread and polished with a clean, dry, soft and non-abrasive cloth;
In the case of suede or similar, only use brushes or soft cloths and only when the skin is dry to remove any stains (mud and similar);
Make sure to regularly hydrate the leather by applying specific creams, especially in the case of particularly soft leathers such as nappa, deer and cevati;
Do not use alcoholic liquids, abrasive liquids, detergents, alcohol, laundry detergents, bleach, ammonia, solvents;
Do not use abrasive materials and/or products, brushes, steel wool, glass paper, blades or similar to remove stains or residues;
For the lower lateral surface of the sole, use soft sponges moistened in warm water, maximum 30 C° and neutral soap;
If the product accidentally gets damp, leave to air dry, away from heat sources and in a non-humid environment. Never dry the damp or wet product in front of heat sources: this could lead to inevitable damage to the shoe with consequent loss of warranty.

The company Optima Molliter S.r.l. It is NOT responsible for damage caused by abrasive products, products that attack materials, direct exposure to heat sources and improper use/maintenance.

Tutorial realizzato in collaborazione con il Dottor Gabriele Montini.