Treatment of the acute phase of diabetic ulcer, plantar wounds, traumatic post-operative phases.

In the “download material” section below you will find the technical data, the algorithm and the user manual.

Sistema di ancoraggio personalizzabile; Fodera removibile, termoformabile, lavabile, con design anatomico interno;

Protezione tibiale, bicomponente (morbido + semi-rigido), removibile e termoformabile; Suola Fully Rocking removibile per la conversione dalla fase acuta alla fase cronica (accessorio opzionale) dello Charcot Foot.

Customizable orthotic stabilization for surgical and/or wound healing.

All our device are class I° according to EU Regulation MDR 2017/745.

The cleaning of the product must be carried out as follows:

Rigid support: in the dishwasher (maximum temperature: 45°) or by hand with mild soap and cold-water rinsing. Soft coating , Sole, tibial reinforcement: use cold water and clean with mild soap; rinse once the operation is completed. Straps, Buckles, Sock: washing machine, cold water. Screw buttons, and Nut elements: once removed, they must be cleaned with a soft cloth and dedicated galvanized steel cleaning product (screw buttons) and a dedicatedproduct for galvanized iron (nut elements).

Avoid any corrosive liquids such as alcohol, bleach, ammonia, solvents, peroxides or optical bleaching agents. Avoid using abrasive rubbers such as brushes, steel wool, and sand paper, or a knife blade to remove stains. Optima Molliter S.r.l. shall not be held liable for damages caused by abrasive products that attack the materials and by direct exposure to heat sources. Dry by hand with a soft cloth or air dry away from heat sources; avoid direct sunlight. Do not use driers or drying machines/tumble dryers.

The KIT 3X3 modular system, standard on SBI Motus and SBI W-Heel and optional on SBI Frame, has been designed to redistribuite plantar pressures and manage pressure ulcers/lesions of the forefoot, mid foot and heel. The 3x3 Kit must be customized only by doctors nurses or orthopedic technicians.

Tutorial realizzato in collaborazione con il Dottor Gabriele Montini.