Treatment of post-amputation wounds of the forefoot.
In the “downloadable material” section below you will find the technical data sheet and the algorithm.

Pneumatic high foot leg brace with pre-arranged components directly adaptable to the patient.

Rigid structure with two closures and a movable part that protects the tibial area. Inside there is a special protective lining equipped with a pneumatic stabilizing system. The bottom of the brace is made of microporous material + non-slip rubber.

Post-amputation management Lisfranc, Chopart and Syme. The Pro Term brace can also be used in the chronic/post-amputation phase in alternation with footwear, for example in home use.

All our items are Class I devices according to EU Regulation MDR 2017/745. SIZES M = ambidextrous internal length 16 cm L = ambidextrous internal length 19 cm

The product should be cleaned as follows: Rigid support: in the dishwasher (maximum temperature 45°) or by hand using neutral soap and rinsing with cold water. Soft linings, sole, tibial reinforcement: use cold water and clean with neutral soap, rinse once the operation is completed. Straps, Buckles, Sock: Machine wash in cold water. Screw buttons, nut elements: once removed, they must be cleaned with a soft cloth and a specific product for cleaning galvanized steel (screw buttons) and a specific product for galvanized iron (nut elements). Avoid any aggressive liquids such as alcohol, bleach, ammonia, solvents, peroxides and optical brighteners. Avoid using abrasive rubbers, such as brushes, steel wool, glass paper and knife blades to remove stains. The company Optima Molliter S.r.l. is not responsible for damage caused by abrasive products that attack the materials and by direct exposure to heat sources. Dry by hand with a soft cloth or air dry away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Do not use tumble dryers or dryers.